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Professional Real Estate Advisor



Portfolio Building

We are professional Real Estate Advisors providing consultation services for investors who want to make the best choice.


One aspect of our business model is focused on buying discounted foreclosures, REOS and distressed properties that need extensive repair. We undergo a thorough restoration process – and after it is completed, we keep the properties for rent or sell them at market value. This scenario produces tremendous returns and quick equity by doing large-scale restorations.


Urban Luxury Development LLC specializes in Real Estate consulting, new constructions and Fix & Flips. We acquire properties that we renovate to sell at full-market value after the project is completed.


Our Strategy


We focus on undervalued properties in New Jersey and restore them to increase their market value. The value after the repairing process grows by 70%. If investors are interested in our properties, we present them with all the information needed to make a smart investment decision. Each investment stands on its own, with first-mortgage security for each participating investor.


We take pride in our proactive approach and provide:


  • One-on-One Consultation;

  • Accessible Resources;

  • Access to our excellent network in the New Jersey area.

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