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One aspect of our business model is to buy discounted foreclosures, REOS, and distressed
properties in need of extensive repair, rehab and retain them as rental properties or sell them
at market value for a profit. This scenario produces tremendous returns. It also creates quick
equity by doing large scale rehabs.

Urban Luxury Development LLC are Real Estate Developers, specializing in Real Estate consulting, new
construction and Fix and flips. Urban Luxury Development LLC acquires properties, renovates and sells at full
market value once completed.


We focus on undervalued markets within the New York City, Trenton and Philadelphia commuting range. Project
viability and capital preservation are primary considerations. Single and Multi-family properties with high profit
margins are preferred. Net rental incomes that cover our monthly payments are key. We structure our deals as

1. Purchase/construction:  After repair value: 70%, or less.  Interest 9.00%-18.00%

Investors are presented with all information to make their own investment decisions. Each investment stands on its
own, with first mortgage security for each participating investor. Upon exit sale of property (payoff) investors
receive their funds back. There is no automatic re-investment, but paid off investors do get preferred access to new

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